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Our longstanding commitment to recycling used oil.

Recycling used oil is an important part of what we do at Red Giant Oil. We’ve been recycling for over 40 years now, taking every measure necessary to ensure used oil is being properly handled.

  • We meet all state and federal recycling regulations

  • We have onsite laboratories at many of our facilities, allowing us to analyze oils for any hazardous properties

  • We can provide customers with a Certificate of Analysis for each outgoing load, certifying that it meets all state, federal, and special requirements of the end-user, whether it’s a re-refinery or someone burning oil for energy recovery

  • Our numerous centrifuges allow us to mechanically separate impurities from the oil, in addition to the chemical and thermal treatments of the recycling process

  • We analyze and verify that our oils are “On Specification Fuel Oils” that are suitable for a buyer’s intended use

  • We’re able to handle the recycling needs of waste streams for large industrial generators like mines and railroads