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Tough lubricants for tough engines.

Developed to meet the demands of modern railroad, stationary and marine heavy-duty diesel engines, Generation 6 Locomotive Engine Oil is a multigrade 9 TBN, ashless-dispersant, non-zinc, non-chlorinated, high-viscosity-index oil.


Red Giant Locomotive Engine Oils are recommended for turbo-charged or naturally-aspirated locomotive, stationary and marine heavy-duty diesel engines. They are all non-zinc containing engine oils for use in engines that have silver alloy bearings.

Red Giant LOCO EO 20W-40 G6 is approved for use in the following applications:

  • EMD 567, 645, and 710 engines, meeting EPA Tier 3 and previous emission standards
  • In GE diesel engines, where low and ultra-low sulfur fuels are used

Why Choose 20W-40 G6?

Longer Life

Provides extremely good protection against deposits in the piston ring belt area

Protects engines from corrosive wear

Less Maintenance

Reduces oil thickening from oxidation

Extends oil and filter life

Cost Savings

Improves fuel economy over monograde oils


Non-chlorinated for easier oil recycling

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